AZ Sungold Soaps
Soap that is purely soap.

New Clear 5, 9, 17oz Pump Bottles

Our New Original Liquid Sungold Soap is just as pure and simple as our bar soap. It is made with the same vegetable oils. There are never any extra ingredients. This is as pure as you can get. This is a low odor, medium lather liquid soap. If you do well with our bar soap, you should do just as well with our New Original liquid soap.

What is unique about all our liquid soaps is that they are cold processed. Not many liquid soap manufacturers can say that.

Most customers use this liquid soap to wash their hands. In addition to general cleaning applications, this soap can also be utilized as a dish soap: "Apply soap directly to sponge/scrubber sponge (or whatever cleaning pad you use), add a bit of water, and dishes can be effectively washed in this manner." For tougher dish washing (greasy pans or dishes): "apply soap directly to difficult areas without water or very little water, use hands to rub soap directly into these areas. Then wash as normal with cleaning pad."

Do not dilute soap in a large amount of water. This reduces the cleaning power of natural soap (as compared to detergents).

Because the soap can sometimes be very thick, for smaller pump bottle directions, click here for some tips to avoid unpredictable dispensing.

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