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Soap that is purely soap.

New Clear 5, 9, 17oz Bottles w Pumps

Our "Level H" Liquid Soap is a solid step above our "Original" liquid soap. It is made with vegetable oils only. There are no extra ingredients. This is as pure as you can get. Level H is a high lather, low odor soap.

What is unique about all our liquid soaps is that they are cold processed. Not many liquid soap manufacturers can say that.

Also, the Level H liquid soap is naturally thickened. There are no thickeners added. It has simply attained maximum concentration.

The "Level H" liquid soap is used by most customers to wash their hair. It can be used as an unscented shampoo substitute. Moreover, some customers with hard water or water with a lot of dissoved mineral content have found the bar soap to be better for washing hair than our Level H (shampoo). However, this is an all-purpose liquid soap and can be used for anything from hand washing to body washing to whatever you can think is all purpose. Click HERE for some tips and tricks for using natural soap as Dish soap
This is a super premium, all-purpose liquid soap. It has an extremely high lather. Most people will find they can get 2-4 washings of their hair per ounce. It is very concentrated. Because the soap can sometimes be very thick, for smaller pump bottle directions, click here for some tips to avoid unpredictable dispensing.

NOT in our Soap


Problens with Mass Produced Commercial Soap?
Is there a cancer connection?

When taking hot showers, during the lathering process, the ingredients of soaps and shampoos, become airborne and circulate throughout the bath area. These finely dispersed ingredients can enter the body through the lungs and skin via Absorbtion.
Synthetic/semi-synthetic ingredients such as Sodium/Ammonium Lauryl/Laureth/Myreth Sulfate can enter the body during and/or after the lathering process. Opting for a whole, natural soap product, AZ Sungold Soaps believes, is a wise and healthy choice. Make sure your soap products are made from whole oils and contain no synthetics.
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