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Soap that is purely soap.

  A 4oz bar of Sungold Soap in hands

AZ Sungold Soaps ( was previously sungoldsoap) born in 2002 out of a desire for a truly unscented soap that would be free from all animal products, scents and chemicals We're a Sunny Arizona USA based business. Our original focus was to make small batches of soap by hand, for ourselves and family. The word got around and we started making soap to sell and the original SungoldSoaps was born. We ramped up our production, invested in new equipment and facility after losing our original lease location.

But after a few minor setbacks, a name and location change, we still make all of its products with great care and still utilize the cold process method.

Our handmade bar soap is hand cut, but all still made of pure vegetable oils. Our mission is to provide the simplest and purest products possible. This means we do NOT include any additional ingredients or scents other than 3 basic soap making ingredients.

YES, Our soap is pure soap.

In this age of additives and highly refined products, it is refreshing to have products that are as simple as possible. We see a natural beauty in our soap. It is the natural beauty of a simple product. This simple beauty is what we achieve at AZ Sungold Soaps.

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